Saturday, 17 August 2013

Our 1st experince at Red Hot World Buffet

When I got chosen to become a Red Hot TasteMaker for 2012-2013 I was thrilled to be using my taste buds as a reviewer for a change :-) I have never been to the restaurant before and was excited to try foods from all over the world.

As we were minus one child for the week, as our eldest went off to her grandparents so we could have sometime with our newborn. I thought it would be a perfect time to book our first visit to the Milton Keynes restaurant for just my partner and I.

We live in Aylesbury, so travelling to our nearest restaurant which was Milton Keynes wasn't far, just a 40 min car drive. The restaurant is situated in the thriving Theatre District, this is the perfect place to come along and enjoy a meal before a play or a visit to Cineworld, ahead of an MK Dons match or after a shopping trip at The Centre.

There is plenty of parking around the area due to the shopping centre. We parked in the purple zone which is just a few seconds walk away from the restaurant which is the cheaper zone, the red zone is marked nearer the restaurants but costs a lot more per hour.

Although the restaurant is situated on the 1st floor, there is lift access which takes you direct to the restaurant and the bar.

The venue is ultra-stylish with a vibrant ambiance and ethnic décor. The buffet bars and live cooking stations placed at the back of the restaurant in front of the dining area.

We were greeted by one of the waiters who escorted us to a table. As we had our newborn with us, they made alterations so they buggy could be placed at the table. Our drink orders were taken and they explained how the dining experience worked as we hadn't been the restaurant before.

We booked for 6pm and the restaurant was fairly busy, but it proved to be very popular as the evening went by the restaurant was getting rather busy and it was great to see a lot of families eating their as well as a few company outings and couples.

The menu caters for every one, with foods from Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Italian & Indian. I loved seeing the chefs cooking at the live cooking stations, which you can also interact with to make your dishes. It made the experience feel very unique and enjoyable.

I tried to sample as much of the dishes I could, by having small portions. My partner and I really enjoyed tasting a wide range of dishes from around the world.
Please note the below images are just a very small portion of what is available. The full menu of what the MK buffet has a present is available here.


The desert stations were very appealing ( I love deserts ),  which include classic crème brȗlées, delectable chocolate fudge brownies, decadent cheesecakes and a huge selection of ice-creams, sorbets and sundaes.

The evening was a fabulous experience. The staff really looked after their guests, making sure everything was to expectations.   The drinks menu is extensive as their food menu, with a wine list that has grape varieties to

suit all tastes and a menu of mouth-watering cocktails that include the traditional along with their own amazing concoctions. There is also good range of soft drinks and mocktails ensuring that no one is feel left out.

I am looking forward to going again, I am thinking of taking the family and friends for my birthday in late Sept.

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