Friday, 16 August 2013

Bug in a Rug - Review * I was kindly given to review a Bug in Rug Newborn Baby Blanket by BabyRug.
Bug in a Rug is a multi purpose blanket designed to make use of keeping your baby warm in a car seat, stroller,  or a sling more easier than using a jacket or a coat.
 The Soft fleece Blanket provides a snug swaddle, promoting sleep. The velcro ties allows you to regulate baby’s temperature. Available in 6 colours Red, Hot Pink, Purple,Baby White, Baby Pink and Baby Blue and 4 sizes, Pre-term, Small (0-3), Medium (3-6) and Large (6-12).

I totally love this blanket. It has made life with a baby and travelling so much easier and stress free. I have used it from day 1 from taking her home from the hospital to every trip outdoors we have made.

Because it has feet, it makes wrapping up your baby for outdoors in the car seat very easy as the feet fall either side of the belt buckle, which means it can be used with any 5 point harness systems. The fleece is light weight too, and due to the fab swaddle design you can use this on a windy but sunny day as you can chose with to swaddle wrap your baby up or leave the flaps open.

One very good advantage of using this blanket is that it stays put. I remember with my first born that she used to kick a normal blanket off at times, or it would slide off the buggy or car seat. If it was getting too warm to use than you had to store it in the changing bag making it bulky and heavy.

I love that you don't have to try and get your babies arms in to a armhole/sleeve like a coat or jacket meaning less stress for your baby and yourself when trying to get out the house. You just lay your baby inside the blanket and wrap the flaps round.

As it been still warm, but windy, I have this permanently placed inside the infant carrier and just pop my little one onto it.  If it slight cold I than just wrap the flaps over her or if it gets too warm the flaps can be undone without disturbing your baby.

I have even used this for indoor use.

I am definitely going to buy the next size up for the winter months than buying her a jacket. I would also recommend any parent getting one of these for your little ones as a must have item. I found it so much easier getting out of the house and when your out and about with this blanket than any coat or jacket. There are several different types for any season of the year, from a summer to a winter version of the blankets.

Price is very reasonable too, at just £21.99
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