Friday, 30 August 2013

Kids and Head Lice - A solution that works

If your child goes to nursery, pre-school or school, like me no doubt you will worry about whether your kid will get head lice. Unfortunately it is something that seems to happen with kids being in close contact with each other.

My memories of head lice as a kid was actually with my sister getting them, Constantly. My mum despite using properly everything that is supposed to kill head lice didn't work ( this is going back a good 20 years ago if not more ). All I remember is one day my sister had long curly blonde hair, to going to school the next day with very short ( and I mean very short ) hair which than grew back straight and dark. However, my mum's radical hair fix must of worked as I don't remember her getting them after that.

Now I am not telling you to shave your kids hair off, nor advise to do such a radical thing. I have always been in to natural products and just like citronella works with keeping bugs at bay. I believe tea tree does this with head lice too. I have been using tea tree for a long time before I had my kids on my cat ( who is a long haired cat, so needs grooming ), not only does it cleanses her leaving her smelling more pleasent, it keeps fleas at bay. can make your own shampoo and conditioner if you like with tea tree, but for a quick and relatively cheap I use the Vosene shampoo and conditioner. 3 in 1 shampoo gently cleanses & conditions kids' hair & scalp for naturally healthy hair. The specially formulated Conditioning Shampoo has natural Tea Tree oil & Lemon Eucalyptus to help keep head lice at bay. It is also suitable for the whole family to clean, condition & help prevent head lice.

I do find however, that on long hair it does leave the hair a little knoty and will definitely need an extra conditioner of choice or use the leave in  conditioner. The conditioner can also be used on dry hair.

My eldest class had a case of head lice just before end of the year, and I was very pleased that stepping this up to using it every day and as she has long hair we tied it up, we managed only to catch just one lice and a few eggs.$T2eC16ZHJGoE9nuQgj4HBQH1PcD1kQ~~60_35.JPGA good comb is vitual too and I hate the normal nit combs, to me I can not see how they can actually work unless you have the live parents as the teeth are too spaced apart. I spent a little bit more and brought the Nitty Gritty Nit Comb.The comb quickly and easily removes not only head lice and unsightly nits (empty egg cases) but also extracts 'live' head louse eggs before they hatch using their special MicroSpiral grooves. The spirals grab even the smallest of the eggs and right from the scalp too.

So another year at school ahead, lets see if we can keep those bugs at bay.  Our childrens heads will shout hurray!

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Assembling the Graco Sky Pushchair

I had some fun whilst assembling the New Graco Sky Pushchair. I thought it would be great to do something different and compose a video.

I was thinking of trying to actually record the assemble but it didn't quite work out that way. So I decided to take clips and put them all together in a seamless video.

Assembling was rather easy and quick, with the instructions being pretty much okay to understand. Although the part with the pin to insert into the rear wheel holder baffled me for a little while as I couldn't see at first where the diagram in the instructions were telling me to put it. Any way after about 3 Min's I found where it had to go.

So here is my first video, 

and here is the assembled SKY in Purple Shadow

Friday, 23 August 2013

NEW Graco Sky Pushchair - I am a reviewer

I recently entered a competition on the Graco Facebook page, to be come a tester for their New Pushchair - SKY.

Well I didn't think I would stand a chance in getting chosen, so when I received the phone call on Monday, I couldn't believe I had been picked. I am SO EXCITED to receive and give this travel system pushchair and car seat a good test out.

There are just 5 of us that have been chosen, and we have a little challenge to do with the end result one of us will become a Graco Ambassador!

We were give then choice of the 3 colours to choose from and as I have a baby girl, and my usual pushchair is all black ( as my partner wouldn't let me have a girlie colour ), I had to go for the Purple Shadow. The other two colours I believe are Sea Pine ( a teal colour ) and a Black.

The pushchair arrived today, which is fab as we have plans for the Bank Holiday giving a lovely chance to use the car seat as well as the pushchair. I am definitely looking forward to seeing how the pushchair fits in our Ford Fiesta, as our usual pushchair just about fits in the small boot and that is with taking one of the wheels off ( I have a Quinny for those who wondered why I can take the wheel off  and to give you and idea how small the boot space is ).

Ok, so you would like to see the pushchair?? Here is a first glimpse of the Sky Pushchair.
A how to assemble post will follow - and you can see how lovely the Purple Shadow colour is on this pushchair.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

I wasn't sure which blog to put this on, so I decided to put it on both.

I was very lucky to have received for just 2 weeks, a Nokia Lumia 925 to test and review. I was shortly due my upgrade ( July ) and although my first phone was a Nokia and for many years after I was Nokia fan. The last 8 years, I have had other brands due to the fact I felt other brands were more advanced, stylish and head of the game.

Whilst I was looking around for a new phone, my current which I have had for the 24month contract is the Samsung Galaxy S2, I stumbled across the opportunity to test a Nokia lumia of a choice of models. As the 925 was the latest and I am very much into having a good camera on the phone, I choose this model. I wanted to fall in love with Nokia again, a phone manufacture that brought me my first phone.

And I have got to say, I am not disappointed. Nokia certainly has up'd their game again in both style and the technology behind the interface.

I really like the sleek design of the Lumia which is signature to the Lumia family.  One thing that put me off the new Galaxy's S3 and 4 were they became to rounded for my liking ( I prefer edges to my technology, even though I am a women, I like manly edges and not girlie curves, for instance I love the Pagni Zonda but not a Porshe fan ).
What strike me first and I have seen the pixels of the newer Galaxy's is that the picture resolution is so liquid like, smooth and very clear and bright.  I also loved the user screen just like you have on your PC or Laptop.
Although the phone has a wizard to guide you though, I actually found the phone really easy to use, apart from the camera took my a few goes to get used to it as it was different in the way it responds to than my Galaxy ( I will talk more about the camera in a moment ).

One of my favourite apps on the phone installed and if your mother like me, you going to love this about the Lumia, is the Kids Corner. If you have kids, you know they love to play with your phone. You give them apps for them to use but manage to get on the Internet, and accidentally pay for something. This is the thing of the past with Kids Corner! Your child can access the games, apps, music and videos that you’ve already chosen for them, yet everything else on the phone is out of bounds, with only a password allowing access.
And the best bit - is the can not make calls or download anything whilst in Kid's Corner.

Unlike my Galaxy S2 whom had many Home Screen's that gets filled with apps or widgets, the Nokia Lumia has just one Home Screen just like the Windows 8 Home Screen on your PC. This can be tailored to your own preference but as I was just loaning the phone for 2 weeks, I didn't bother doing this.  I also like the tidiness of the Nokia/Windows format of folders rather than screens and screens of again apps that you have to scroll though. Instead your apps are in the apps folder.

Other features I like was the Family Room, again a feature I didn't really get to explore. Basically you can set up rooms with your contacts to privately share calenders, photos, group chats and notes in one place.

The feature that I was very keen on though, and one that influences me buying a phone was the camera. As I mentioned above, it did take me a little while to get used to it as it was so different to the Samsung phones that I have been using for a few years now. However, once I got my head around it, it worked fantastically and I loved using it. I really wanted to try as much of this out as I could as I was to covert back to Nokia, the camera would be its biggest influence.
Will the first thing is the advert you have seen on TV regards to taking the best shots in poor light conditions or at night, I confirm is true. Here are two photos I took in my bathroom to create the poor light condition ( as my en suite hasn't got windows ).

The darker image is from my Galaxy S2
The lighter image is from the Nokia

This wasn't the only great feature about the phone. It was also able to capture really good moving pictures. Different lens can be downloaded too, some are free and some you have to pay for. Here are some pictures I took with the Nokia using different lens.

All I can say is that I was very impressed with the Lumia 925, I was going to upgrade to the Galaxy S4 Zoom. However, I found out that Nokia are releasing a camera phone that reviews on it have been in more favour to the Nokia than the Samsung. The Nokia Lumia 1020 is due for release this Sept, and I am patiently awaiting for it. Thank You Nokia for making me fall back in love with you.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Pristine Photography - A new exciting and dynamic family run company

A friend of mine who is a keen photographer for countless years, whilst serving within the military had gained a formal qualification in photography. On retirement it was time to take his photography to the next level in creating a family business based in Devon.

Modelling their photographic service's and work on the definition of Pristine - In its original condition; unspoiled. Clean and fresh as if new; spotless.  They capture each precious moment, making them last forever, with attention to detail and services which are flawless using the most up to date technology.

With a wide range of services from weddings and portraits to commercial and product shots, PR shots or Exhibitions. You're sure to find exactly what you're looking for! If you require assistance, their qualified staff will provide you with expert guidance.

 For one lucky reader, Pristine Photography will be giving a Free 2 hour Photoshoot at a location of their choice within a 20 mile radius of Exeter with 1 oak framed 6 x 4inch  print.

All you need to do is email with the Reference Beauty Alchemy Blog
to be entered into the draw. Winner will be contacted by Pristine Photography at the end of Sept 2013

Here are some examples of their work. More of their work can be found in their portfolio.
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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Our 1st experince at Red Hot World Buffet

When I got chosen to become a Red Hot TasteMaker for 2012-2013 I was thrilled to be using my taste buds as a reviewer for a change :-) I have never been to the restaurant before and was excited to try foods from all over the world.

As we were minus one child for the week, as our eldest went off to her grandparents so we could have sometime with our newborn. I thought it would be a perfect time to book our first visit to the Milton Keynes restaurant for just my partner and I.

We live in Aylesbury, so travelling to our nearest restaurant which was Milton Keynes wasn't far, just a 40 min car drive. The restaurant is situated in the thriving Theatre District, this is the perfect place to come along and enjoy a meal before a play or a visit to Cineworld, ahead of an MK Dons match or after a shopping trip at The Centre.

There is plenty of parking around the area due to the shopping centre. We parked in the purple zone which is just a few seconds walk away from the restaurant which is the cheaper zone, the red zone is marked nearer the restaurants but costs a lot more per hour.

Although the restaurant is situated on the 1st floor, there is lift access which takes you direct to the restaurant and the bar.

The venue is ultra-stylish with a vibrant ambiance and ethnic décor. The buffet bars and live cooking stations placed at the back of the restaurant in front of the dining area.

We were greeted by one of the waiters who escorted us to a table. As we had our newborn with us, they made alterations so they buggy could be placed at the table. Our drink orders were taken and they explained how the dining experience worked as we hadn't been the restaurant before.

We booked for 6pm and the restaurant was fairly busy, but it proved to be very popular as the evening went by the restaurant was getting rather busy and it was great to see a lot of families eating their as well as a few company outings and couples.

The menu caters for every one, with foods from Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Italian & Indian. I loved seeing the chefs cooking at the live cooking stations, which you can also interact with to make your dishes. It made the experience feel very unique and enjoyable.

I tried to sample as much of the dishes I could, by having small portions. My partner and I really enjoyed tasting a wide range of dishes from around the world.
Please note the below images are just a very small portion of what is available. The full menu of what the MK buffet has a present is available here.


The desert stations were very appealing ( I love deserts ),  which include classic crème brȗlées, delectable chocolate fudge brownies, decadent cheesecakes and a huge selection of ice-creams, sorbets and sundaes.

The evening was a fabulous experience. The staff really looked after their guests, making sure everything was to expectations.   The drinks menu is extensive as their food menu, with a wine list that has grape varieties to

suit all tastes and a menu of mouth-watering cocktails that include the traditional along with their own amazing concoctions. There is also good range of soft drinks and mocktails ensuring that no one is feel left out.

I am looking forward to going again, I am thinking of taking the family and friends for my birthday in late Sept.

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Friday, 16 August 2013
I have some exciting news to share with you all, I have been selected to be Red Hot Taste Makers 2013-2014. My nearest resturant is in Milton Keynes.

I will be invited to special events, launches and cooking masters classes. I am also thrilled to be able to share with you all about Red Hot Buffets menus and keep you up to date with the latest special offers.

To celebrate us becoming a Red Hot Taste maker, Red Hot Buffet have an offer valid this summer for kids aged 16 and under, they can now eat for half price, that’s from as little as £3.99 for limitless pizza, pasta, curry, salads, desserts and ice cream!!! (prices vary according to restaurant, day and time). This amazing offer is only redeemable via Red Hot Summer Offer! You must book in advance to claim this fantastic offer.
I have booked my 1st visit and can not wait to share with you the dining experience!
Until then you can follow Red Hot Wold Buffet on Twitter and Facebook

Bug in a Rug - Review * I was kindly given to review a Bug in Rug Newborn Baby Blanket by BabyRug.
Bug in a Rug is a multi purpose blanket designed to make use of keeping your baby warm in a car seat, stroller,  or a sling more easier than using a jacket or a coat.
 The Soft fleece Blanket provides a snug swaddle, promoting sleep. The velcro ties allows you to regulate baby’s temperature. Available in 6 colours Red, Hot Pink, Purple,Baby White, Baby Pink and Baby Blue and 4 sizes, Pre-term, Small (0-3), Medium (3-6) and Large (6-12).

I totally love this blanket. It has made life with a baby and travelling so much easier and stress free. I have used it from day 1 from taking her home from the hospital to every trip outdoors we have made.

Because it has feet, it makes wrapping up your baby for outdoors in the car seat very easy as the feet fall either side of the belt buckle, which means it can be used with any 5 point harness systems. The fleece is light weight too, and due to the fab swaddle design you can use this on a windy but sunny day as you can chose with to swaddle wrap your baby up or leave the flaps open.

One very good advantage of using this blanket is that it stays put. I remember with my first born that she used to kick a normal blanket off at times, or it would slide off the buggy or car seat. If it was getting too warm to use than you had to store it in the changing bag making it bulky and heavy.

I love that you don't have to try and get your babies arms in to a armhole/sleeve like a coat or jacket meaning less stress for your baby and yourself when trying to get out the house. You just lay your baby inside the blanket and wrap the flaps round.

As it been still warm, but windy, I have this permanently placed inside the infant carrier and just pop my little one onto it.  If it slight cold I than just wrap the flaps over her or if it gets too warm the flaps can be undone without disturbing your baby.

I have even used this for indoor use.

I am definitely going to buy the next size up for the winter months than buying her a jacket. I would also recommend any parent getting one of these for your little ones as a must have item. I found it so much easier getting out of the house and when your out and about with this blanket than any coat or jacket. There are several different types for any season of the year, from a summer to a winter version of the blankets.

Price is very reasonable too, at just £21.99
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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Immature digestive system or is it a intolerance/allergy to something in the milk?

As you know from my previous post, we were having problems with breastfeeding. I managed with help from expressing, and direct on breast with a top up of formula to do this for just under 3 weeks.

However, during this time and when we saw the midwives at our 10 week check up, I had told them about my daughters extended stomach, how hard it was feeling at times and her bowel movements. Nothing was said about this till I saw my Health Visitor at 3 weeks.

I told my HV how we have problems with feeding from the breast and since going on to formula, and also regards to her bowel movements and stomach. My daughter was also very gassy and having very loose stools that were dark green and very smelly. She was also straining alot during the day and night, so hard she would go very red/purple. Although she didn't cry much you can tell how much discomfort and pain she was in. Since day one, she was also feeding every 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

Feeds were also getting rather stressful, with her spitting out milk, straining, getting really uncomfortable, and moving around, sometimes even choking or wheezing.

My HV advised to try the comfort version of the milk we were using and to use Infacol and to offer water between feeds when needed. We also had to massage her stomach 3 times a day. At the end of the week our HV had a catch up with us to see how things go. However, this still wasn't working.

After recommendation we went and saw an Osteopath for some cranial treatment, which seemed to help some of the symptoms. He also said she could be lactose intolerant due to how her stools were and the symptoms she was showing. So I rung the doctors the next day to see if we could get LF milk on prescription, he instantly prescribed her Gavison ( even though she didn't have reflux or being sick ), the doctor also didn't seem to listen to me what so ever. Anyway tried the Gavison but didn't do anything except make her more constipated but with harder stools instead.  The introduction of the Gavison even seemed to un do all the work/treatment the osteopath did.

We tried her also on the Aptamil Pepti 1 milk which is for cow's milk allergy but again didn't seem to do anything.

Despite all this, her weight gain is very good and putting it on fast.

Anyway we ran out of the Aptamil on Sunday and as you had to order this in as well as LF free type milks, we found a soya based milk. First feed went so well, I thought this was it we finally got it sorted. Not the case though. Feeds are now just as bad as they were, unless she has freshly done a bowel movement she will only take around 2oz per feed which even that is struggle. Poor lass is crying more too and getting clingy.

I am pulling me hair out now and getting so upset about all this. I just wished we knew what is wrong and to be all better again. We are seeing the osteopath this afternoon for our follow up appointment so we’ll see how that goes.

Monday, 5 August 2013

I feel so helpless.......

Who would of thought being a second time mum, how different things are this time round.

Ok there is a 5 year gap and one would expect to forget things from the first time, but I honestly wasn't prepared for this. Is it colic, is it just a immature digestive system or something more like a milk allergy?

My first born didn't get this, yeah ok she had alittle problem with projectile vomiting and we had to give her infacol for alittle while but I certainly don't remember the trouble we are having now.

As you know from my breastfeeding post, I was having problems but even with the bottle it is hasn't got any better.

Firstly Lily-Rose has had problems winding even with breast, and going for a poo with her stomach getting rather extended and hard at times. It will be a good 24/48  or more hours between each time she goes and the poor lass in between is constantly straining, feeling uncomfortable.

It is worse at night, laying on her back makes it worse and so trying to keep her down in her mose's basket is some chore on it's own. Feeding is also worse at night. I know this is partly due to the fact she is sleepy which doesn't help her situation.

So a typical day would be she sleeps 50% soundly in her bouncy chair, the other 50% is that she gets very uncomfortable, straining so hard she goes red and tenses up. She would make awful noises too when straining or feeling uncomfortable.  Feeding during the day is the same. Some feeds she is ok with, taking a full measure without any problems but a good 70% of the time she spits it up, she stops after just 1 or 2 oz, she goes red and chokes, than will fall asleep for a bit before wanting any more in about an 30/60 mins later.  Winding is also still a problem, although now on Infacol she does burp now compared to no burping before, but farting is still a big issue.

Health Visitor when she saw us last week advised to use the comfort version of our milk formula ( which is Apitmal ), use the Dr Browns bottles and to raise our moses basket slightly at the top. I also have to massage her stomach 3 times a day ( which I was doing from almost day 3 ). Things did seem to improve for a few days but since the weekend it all gone back to square one again.

It makes you feel so helpless when such a little soul seems in so much discomfort and pain. I really sympathise with her too as myself has problems with my digestive system and have to watch what foods I eat. I all to well now how much pain and discomfort in the gut can be. This makes me feel so sad for her though as at moment we are not sure what it is. Midwives told us it just an immature digestive system in the first weeks. Health Visitor seems much more sympathetic although she hasn't seem to out rule an allergy yet she has said it could be colic. The only problem is Lily-Rose isn't a cry baby. She is a very strong and brave character from day one and even in the pain and discomfort she shows she doesn't cry and the health visitor had seen this. To be fair the only time she does really cry is at night while she waits for her feed which could make diagnose difficult as everyone I speak to about this mentions about constant crying. Lily-Rose however, craves to be held as this seems to soothe her discomfort being in the position with her legs and knees up to her stomach on our chests.

A friend has mentioned about going to an Osteopath who can treat babies with a load of different conditions including colic, immature digestive systems and allergies. So I am thinking of taking her this week to see if this can help.

The relief comes in the form of knowing how many of my friends have been in similar situations, and have tried to give me some advice or at least some peace of mind knowing I am not alone. I just wish we knew exactly what is wrong and to help her.

Friday, 2 August 2013

okiedog changing bags and accessory review*

When I found out I was pregnant again finally, I spent ages looking for a new changing bag. My partner and I wanted something that we both could use as I will be returning to work this time when Lily-Rose will be just over 6 months old. Therefore my partner wanted a changing bag that wasn't at all girlie as to be honest it would be mainly him using it after I go back due to where I work and my hours of work.

So after months looking in shops and online, he finally sees one he likes from okiedog. As I hadn't come across this brand before and the products looked amazing online, I sent them a PR request to see if they would be kind enough to send a changing bag to review.

When they came back saying yes, I was expecting for them to send just one changing bag. To my surprise, they sent the changing bag my partner loved, plus one for me and a few accessories for the pram/stroller.

My first impression when the bags arrived was how good the quality of the changing bags were compared to a lot we have seen in the shops.  The designs had already hooked us in when we were looking at their site in the first place ( I especially love their funky little stick like men logo ), so seeing the product physically was fab and very pleased with the excellent quality of the materials and build. I hope the pictures can show this. To me this is very important as you know changing bags are used every day for at least 2/3 years.

Ok so we were sent:
  • OK29121 - okiedog Urban Mondo- Black - RRP: £75 - now £73.95
  • OK24224 - okiedog Alpha Yukon- Samurai - RRP: £78 - Sale price £69.95

  • OK50014 - okiedog mobile phone/camera holder - RRP: £10
  • OK50020 - okiedog Reflective Safety Shield - RRP: £9
  • OK50050 - okiedog LED Safety Light - RRP: £15
  • OK50031 - okiedog Clipix Base Clip - RRP: £5

Urban Mondo- Black Review

I love the funkiness design of this bag. Although I would have probably chosen it, if I was looking for just a bag for myself and not just my partner in a brighter colour. The Mondo is definitely a stylish and practical bag with it's quick and easy access to the main compartment, two bottle holders on the side ( one being lined with insulating material, one extra compartment on the front and a spacious parent zone with key chain holder and dedicated mobile phone pocket with enough space for all the other important parent stuff. 
The main compartment also has 3 pockets, one large one, and two smaller ones. At the back of the bag a large pocket containing the antibacterial changing mat. But that's not all! The bag also comes with an accessory set comprising of an insulated bottle holder, an accessory bag and clipix stroller clips.

 okiedog's changing bags also have a unique feature using their Clipix System. Each bag just inside the by the shoulder straps have a plastic loop that allows you to attach your bag to the stroller easily.

accessories set included :
- clipix stroller clips (1 set)
- accessory bag (1 pc)
- insulated bottle holder (1 pc)
- antibacterial changing mat (1 pc)
- See more at:
Quick and easy access to the main compartment, two bottle holders on the side, one extra compartment on the front and a spacious parent zone with key chain holder and dedicated mobile phone pocket with enough space for all the other important parent stuff and an adjustable shoulder strap- that’s what makes the difference! - See more at:
Quick and easy access to the main compartment, two bottle holders on the side, one extra compartment on the front and a spacious parent zone with key chain holder and dedicated mobile phone pocket with enough space for all the other important parent stuff and an adjustable shoulder strap- that’s what makes the difference! - See more at:
Quick and easy access to the main compartment, two bottle holders on the side, one extra compartment on the front and a spacious parent zone with key chain holder and dedicated mobile phone pocket with enough space for all the other important parent stuff and an adjustable shoulder strap- that’s what makes the difference! - See more at:

  Alpha Yukon- Samurai

This is the bag my partner loved when we were browsing okiedog's website. As you can see this bag is not a typical looking changing bag and very unisex. This bag is design for parents who like the outdoors so the bag is made from a tough, heavy duty canvas.  Like the Mondo, it too is has a spacious interior and well designed features, like a small pocket on the flap for wet wipes, digital cameras or small toys. An insulated pocket for bottles that blends into the overall look of the bag and can hardly be seen, easy to reach pocket for the changing mat and the okiedog parent zone for keys, mobile phone. 

okiedogs Accessory Review 

 okiedog mobile phone/camera holder

I was liking the idea of this product, having it in easy reach on the stroller, however the fixture that fixes onto the Clipix System has a tendency to spin around I found which made my phone pop out onto the floor.


okiedog Reflective Safety Shield 

The strip is design to raise visibility of the stroller, which is great for parents of the outdoors who enjoy walking. I have a Quinny which is a great pushchair for off roading as well as around the city. I placed it on the safety bar which I thought was a fab place to put it, plus it hides an old bite mark from my first born.

okiedog LED Safety Light  

Another great accessory for the stroller to raise visibility at night. 
The LED light has three bright white and red LEDS and can also be used as a small torch to find keys or car locks at night.

 okiedog Clipix Base Clip

Clipix is the new, universal, flexible, removable pushchair accessory system from okiedog, designed for parents and kids who love the outdoors. With a simple CLICK  various accessories can be attached to and removed  from the pushchair.  Install the base clip once, and simply swap the required accessories in a flash. Attach a cup holder during the day, an LED safety light at night, or more storage for the longer walks, with Clipix this is a breeze. 

I would definitely recommend okiedog to any new parent looking for a changing bag with a difference, and of excellent quality. There are so many different designs to chose from, from girlie colours
and florals designs to unisex earthy colours. Plus they also have products for kids too!

For more information on okiedog or to purchase any of their products visit