Friday, 30 August 2013

Kids and Head Lice - A solution that works

If your child goes to nursery, pre-school or school, like me no doubt you will worry about whether your kid will get head lice. Unfortunately it is something that seems to happen with kids being in close contact with each other.

My memories of head lice as a kid was actually with my sister getting them, Constantly. My mum despite using properly everything that is supposed to kill head lice didn't work ( this is going back a good 20 years ago if not more ). All I remember is one day my sister had long curly blonde hair, to going to school the next day with very short ( and I mean very short ) hair which than grew back straight and dark. However, my mum's radical hair fix must of worked as I don't remember her getting them after that.

Now I am not telling you to shave your kids hair off, nor advise to do such a radical thing. I have always been in to natural products and just like citronella works with keeping bugs at bay. I believe tea tree does this with head lice too. I have been using tea tree for a long time before I had my kids on my cat ( who is a long haired cat, so needs grooming ), not only does it cleanses her leaving her smelling more pleasent, it keeps fleas at bay. can make your own shampoo and conditioner if you like with tea tree, but for a quick and relatively cheap I use the Vosene shampoo and conditioner. 3 in 1 shampoo gently cleanses & conditions kids' hair & scalp for naturally healthy hair. The specially formulated Conditioning Shampoo has natural Tea Tree oil & Lemon Eucalyptus to help keep head lice at bay. It is also suitable for the whole family to clean, condition & help prevent head lice.

I do find however, that on long hair it does leave the hair a little knoty and will definitely need an extra conditioner of choice or use the leave in  conditioner. The conditioner can also be used on dry hair.

My eldest class had a case of head lice just before end of the year, and I was very pleased that stepping this up to using it every day and as she has long hair we tied it up, we managed only to catch just one lice and a few eggs.$T2eC16ZHJGoE9nuQgj4HBQH1PcD1kQ~~60_35.JPGA good comb is vitual too and I hate the normal nit combs, to me I can not see how they can actually work unless you have the live parents as the teeth are too spaced apart. I spent a little bit more and brought the Nitty Gritty Nit Comb.The comb quickly and easily removes not only head lice and unsightly nits (empty egg cases) but also extracts 'live' head louse eggs before they hatch using their special MicroSpiral grooves. The spirals grab even the smallest of the eggs and right from the scalp too.

So another year at school ahead, lets see if we can keep those bugs at bay.  Our childrens heads will shout hurray!