Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Immature digestive system or is it a intolerance/allergy to something in the milk?

As you know from my previous post, we were having problems with breastfeeding. I managed with help from expressing, and direct on breast with a top up of formula to do this for just under 3 weeks.

However, during this time and when we saw the midwives at our 10 week check up, I had told them about my daughters extended stomach, how hard it was feeling at times and her bowel movements. Nothing was said about this till I saw my Health Visitor at 3 weeks.

I told my HV how we have problems with feeding from the breast and since going on to formula, and also regards to her bowel movements and stomach. My daughter was also very gassy and having very loose stools that were dark green and very smelly. She was also straining alot during the day and night, so hard she would go very red/purple. Although she didn't cry much you can tell how much discomfort and pain she was in. Since day one, she was also feeding every 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

Feeds were also getting rather stressful, with her spitting out milk, straining, getting really uncomfortable, and moving around, sometimes even choking or wheezing.

My HV advised to try the comfort version of the milk we were using and to use Infacol and to offer water between feeds when needed. We also had to massage her stomach 3 times a day. At the end of the week our HV had a catch up with us to see how things go. However, this still wasn't working.

After recommendation we went and saw an Osteopath for some cranial treatment, which seemed to help some of the symptoms. He also said she could be lactose intolerant due to how her stools were and the symptoms she was showing. So I rung the doctors the next day to see if we could get LF milk on prescription, he instantly prescribed her Gavison ( even though she didn't have reflux or being sick ), the doctor also didn't seem to listen to me what so ever. Anyway tried the Gavison but didn't do anything except make her more constipated but with harder stools instead.  The introduction of the Gavison even seemed to un do all the work/treatment the osteopath did.

We tried her also on the Aptamil Pepti 1 milk which is for cow's milk allergy but again didn't seem to do anything.

Despite all this, her weight gain is very good and putting it on fast.

Anyway we ran out of the Aptamil on Sunday and as you had to order this in as well as LF free type milks, we found a soya based milk. First feed went so well, I thought this was it we finally got it sorted. Not the case though. Feeds are now just as bad as they were, unless she has freshly done a bowel movement she will only take around 2oz per feed which even that is struggle. Poor lass is crying more too and getting clingy.

I am pulling me hair out now and getting so upset about all this. I just wished we knew what is wrong and to be all better again. We are seeing the osteopath this afternoon for our follow up appointment so we’ll see how that goes.