Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Little ones progress with Flat Head Syndrome and Torticollis

My little one is now 8 months and as you have known from my posts at the beginning, L-R had suffered from birth with Torticollis which than gave her FSH.

You can read about it if you haven't read the post here
L-R a few days old

Well 8 months on and together using the special pillow we were given to use for her FSH and physiotherapy for her Torticollis, L-R has had much improvement.

We had around 5 physio appointments, together mixed with home exercises to improve her neck movements, strengthening and stretching them. We are hoping the next one will be her last check up due to the improvement she has had.
8 months old

To refresh, L-R's neck was slightly pushed forwards on one side and twisted, giving her favouritism to look to her left rather the right and when sleeping or tired she would rest with a twist on her right shoulder.

At first we were given exercises which she really didn't like, to stretch out and lengthen the right side ( these were also the exercises found in the booklet I got with the FSH pillow ).

As L-R really found this discomforting, we were given exercises though the way we held her, to playing with her on the floor on her side and rocking her from side to side.

Fortunately, L-R loves her feet and with her amazing ability to crawl quickly and now, consistently wanting to be on her feet, jumping or cruising around the furniture. It has helped her neck and head shape wonderfully, that she now has almost full rotation to her right side like she has with her left. L-R also keeps her head more straight without much of a tilt or twist ( unless she is overly tired, then she seems to drop it out of habit ).
Her movement to her right is still slightly dipped when she looks over, again we think this is out of habit now rather than her neck having shortness or tightness now.

L-R head shape, from the FSH, to how her front of her head was is shaping and improving each time, and those who knew her about her condition have commented lately on how well her head looks now.
The only time you can really see a difference is when she looks in a mirror, note it doesn't seem to show when taking a picture. For some reason her reflection in the mirror highlights her features that are out of line more.

The above are the photo shots of L-R head at the beginning and very first weeks of treatment.
The below photo shots are of L-R head now 6 months after treatment started.


Our next appointment is now May, both our physiotherapist and I reckon L-R will be walking by than ( at just 10 months ), as she is already trying to stand alone.
I am so pleased with how L-R has progressed. She seems such a fighter and has such a strong personality. As a parent, I was worried how this would have affected her ability to move her neck, her balance and also how in later life people would look at her. I think the fact she is our second, her progress has been helped a little by her big sister who L-R really does look up to.

I would love to hear from other's who have had babies with the following condition.

Friday, 7 March 2014

tommee tippee New closer to nature soother Competition

As a follow on from my previous tommee tippee post on their new closer to nature soothers, I am pleased to say I have a couple of sets to giveaway.

I have the following sets and designs to giveaway:

One pack of Night Time Glow in the Dark Soothers

Two packs of Anytime Soothers

If you would like to win a set here is what you need to do to enter.

Comment below to which set you would like - if you would like both types of sets please state.

Send me an email with subject heading tommee tippee soother competition, stating which set or sets you would like to

Terms and Conditions:
Open to UK residents only.
draw will take place on the 30 March 2014