Friday, 27 September 2013

Teach your kid to read in 5 weeks

Be quick to register for this, the free trial ends on the 30th Sept. I have just entered, as my 5 year old is finding reading boring at times her concentration is very limited. I am going to give this a go and see if her reading improves - worth a shot!
I post at the end of each week to monitor her progress.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Graco Sky Review - The final week

It's our final week of testing out the New Graco pushchair and travel system, The Sky.

When we got the pushchair, our little one was just 6 weeks old, so we have mainly used it in the "baby nest mode" when out walking or used the infant car seat as a travel system when using the car.

When I found out I was one of the chosen 5 to test out the Sky, I was so excited. I had previously been given a Graco 5 years ago with my first born, but living in a flat, I found it too bulky and heavy so we didn't have it for very long. Testing out the Sky gave me the opportunity to try out Graco again, and I got to say alot has improved in those 5 years as you would expect.

When putting the Sky together I had noticed how slim and light weight the pushchair was. As it came together I was even more pleased they still had the huge shopping basket but the frame was very much stylish, modern and sleek, everything seemed to have ticked my boxes so far.

with seat attached
without seat attached
It didn't stop there with the compact design! I could finally store this Graco without taking up too much space! This was very important due to living in such a small space ( we live in a 2 bed apartment on the 2nd floor ). The frame folds away really compact whether you fold it down with or without the chair on it and so will hide in a small closet or in a corner without taking up too much space.

You be pleased that sleek and lightweight frame also gives you the feel of a great build quality too. Its very sturdy, making it feel it was built to last for years, which if you were to use this from birth to approx 4 years as it designed for, you would want it to.                                            
Front facing for upto 4 Years
"Baby Nest Mode" Foot Rest Converted
The pushchair is easy to convert into the "baby nest mode" by simply making a few adjustments to the foot rest and the adjoining sides. This is done by folding up the foot rest and using the flaps that are tucked away on the sides, and wrapping them around the foot rest, securing in place with Velcro. The pushchair back is than fully reclined back so the baby can than lie flat.

 The hood if you wish can be opened fully too, giving it a carry cot look to it.

To covert it into a travel system is so easy as well. There is a special base adaptor used only for the frame, so needs to be removed when using the car base. The adaptor simply clicks into the frame and the seat again just clicks on top. To remove is just like removing it from the car base, just lift the red lever at the back of the car seat and lift off, "simples".

As for using it in the car, my preference is using the car seat base, as found it felt much more secure and so much easier in general as you just click in and lift off once the base is installed permanently in the car. Where as using it just with seat belts you have to install it everytime, which can be time consuming.

I have posted up a video on you tube in how to install the base and how easy it is converting into a travel system.

I have had many very positive comments about the Sky on our travels, mostly about how gorgeous the Sky looks and I think the Purple really makes the pushchair stand out. It definitely likes having it photo taken!

I have been very pleased with the Sky and can not seem to find any faults about it. The frame is very light weight, easy to use and very well built. I have enjoyed using the Sky and it has made me think more about buying Graco products now.

I would certainly recommend this to any parent to be, but definitely consider if like me you live in a small space property. The price makes it very affordable too.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Graco Sky Travel System and the Ford Fiesta

Ok so I thought I do my next post on the Graco Sky on taking it out in the car and using the car seat.

We have a Ford Fiesta, in terms of boot space it didn't have much difference from our previous BMW 316 strangely enough. I was very intriged to see how the Sky would fit in our car, as with our other buggy we have to remove the rear wheels of the frame in order to fit it in.

The Sky is pretty much the same, taking up almost the same amount of space, however it will fit without taking any of the wheels of, if placed in a certain way. See picture below

 As we are using the car seat to use with the Sky frame when about, as L-R is just 11 weeks old, I am not too certian about how the chair side of the pushchair will fit in the boot as well as the frame. We had a brief look at it and seemed we would have trouble. I will however, up date you on this when we come to using it when L-R gets older.

Using the Sky as a travel system, definitely makes things so much easier when you have a newborn and older child ( even if you have just your newborn too ). The frame is so easy to fold and unfold, with almost both actions using just one hand!
Car Seat with the Base for the Sky Frame
The car seat easily clicks into the frame with just a click, by using the car seat base ( for the frame only ). The car seat frame can be left on the frame as the car seat lifts off just the same way as lifing it off from the car seat base in the car.

We tried using the old fashion way of securing the car seat in the car by just using the seat belts, but both me and my partner didn't feel it was that secure.  That is not saying it isn't but we are used to using a car seat base with our other car seat. So we got the base to go with the car seat and it does make a difference.
It felt more solid and secure using the base, but again that is just our opinion and preference.

Using the car seat base also makes life a lot easier, as it simply just clicks in, and the lifts out when lifting up the lever at the back of the car seat. So if it raining, or you got other children you haven't got to spend time striping the car seat to the car using the seat belts.

I have made a video in how to install the car seat base, and using the car seat as a travel system. Please note it very important to insure the car seat base is fully ridged and secured by the seat belts, that your knee is pressed down on the car seat base to apply pressure so you can really tighten up the seat belts. Get your partner to do this is necessary.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Nonabox, A new Subscription for mums and babies.

I recently subscriped to a new subscription box but instead of a beauty one for me, It is a box for my baby girl. For just £25 a month, we get to try products that are catered for my baby's age, and the majority are full size products too, so worth every penny, as you don't get that with beauty box's!

Just launched this July - First box was sent out Sept, The Nonabox provides to give you the best products for your pregnancy to your baby till the age of 2. 


I was really looking forward to recieving one of the boxes for my baby girl. I love trying out new products and its great that we can do this together. I was very pleased with what we had in our box, and each product was a new find for us.

As we were one of the 1st 1000 subscribers we received the bonus gift of the Cloud B - Sheep

The box as you can see is a gorgeous liliac and beautiful wrapped.

It felt really lovely and special opening the box and seeing its contains. I was definitey not disappointed and was pleased with all the products my baby received.

Okay so here is what we receieved in our Sept Box:

A Cloud B Sheep -

Sleep Sheep Aroma Pillows are adorable plush toys that double as a relaxing sleep time pillow. The removable scent pouch with a soothing lavender aroma calms children to sleep and is the perfect size for at home or on the go.

Gumigem - Teething Jewellery

Stylish, practical teething jewellery and toys that provide a modern solution to an age old problem. Made of non toxic, washable silicone so ideal for sore aching gums. Jewellery is perfect for breastfeeding, baby wearing and keeping little ones entertained when sitting on your knee. A handy teether that cannot be dropped.

MAM - Night Soother - It GLOWS in the dark!

MAM - Anti-colic Bottle

 For over 35 years, MAM have been developing products along with experts from medicine & research that are unique in function and design, support the individual development of every child and make everyday baby life easier. The combination of style, technological innovation and medical know-how produces unique premium products. This makes MAM the leading designer brand for baby accessories.


99.9% purified water, 0.1% fruit extract, nothing else - the world's purest baby wipes. Suitable from birth. WaterWipes help avoid nappy rash or other skin sensitisation problems. WaterWipes : the convenience of baby wipes with the absolute purity and efficacy of cotton wool and water. Neonatal, midwives and paediatricians experts recommend WaterWipes


Crawlerz are an innovative new brand just launched in the UK. Crawlerz range of safety driven Rompers with incorporated Anti-Slip Safety Grip down the legs, toes and underfoot of the Romper are designed to actively promote your baby’s development whilst providing Anti-Slip protection to your little ones.

Bibetta - Neoprene Bib

Brighten your baby’s world with Bibetta’s funky range of infant essentials Liven-up your baby’s mealtimes and changing bag- plus prevent dribble-sodden clothes- with a colourful dash of designer cool.

I would definitely recommend subscribing to a box - or even give one as a gift to an expectant mum or already mum. - Maybe babies first birthday gift? Baby Shower Gift? For £25 and Free P&P, I am sure they will love it.I will do a seperate review on the products, as I use them. My baby girl is just 11 weeks, so the bib and teething ring, I can not review at present.  Due to my baby's condition with her neck and head, she can not use the sheep as a pillow, but we have it in her cot as a teddy at present.  However, I already used the MAM products and Waterwipes and will posting these up very soon xxxx