Monday, 5 August 2013

I feel so helpless.......

Who would of thought being a second time mum, how different things are this time round.

Ok there is a 5 year gap and one would expect to forget things from the first time, but I honestly wasn't prepared for this. Is it colic, is it just a immature digestive system or something more like a milk allergy?

My first born didn't get this, yeah ok she had alittle problem with projectile vomiting and we had to give her infacol for alittle while but I certainly don't remember the trouble we are having now.

As you know from my breastfeeding post, I was having problems but even with the bottle it is hasn't got any better.

Firstly Lily-Rose has had problems winding even with breast, and going for a poo with her stomach getting rather extended and hard at times. It will be a good 24/48  or more hours between each time she goes and the poor lass in between is constantly straining, feeling uncomfortable.

It is worse at night, laying on her back makes it worse and so trying to keep her down in her mose's basket is some chore on it's own. Feeding is also worse at night. I know this is partly due to the fact she is sleepy which doesn't help her situation.

So a typical day would be she sleeps 50% soundly in her bouncy chair, the other 50% is that she gets very uncomfortable, straining so hard she goes red and tenses up. She would make awful noises too when straining or feeling uncomfortable.  Feeding during the day is the same. Some feeds she is ok with, taking a full measure without any problems but a good 70% of the time she spits it up, she stops after just 1 or 2 oz, she goes red and chokes, than will fall asleep for a bit before wanting any more in about an 30/60 mins later.  Winding is also still a problem, although now on Infacol she does burp now compared to no burping before, but farting is still a big issue.

Health Visitor when she saw us last week advised to use the comfort version of our milk formula ( which is Apitmal ), use the Dr Browns bottles and to raise our moses basket slightly at the top. I also have to massage her stomach 3 times a day ( which I was doing from almost day 3 ). Things did seem to improve for a few days but since the weekend it all gone back to square one again.

It makes you feel so helpless when such a little soul seems in so much discomfort and pain. I really sympathise with her too as myself has problems with my digestive system and have to watch what foods I eat. I all to well now how much pain and discomfort in the gut can be. This makes me feel so sad for her though as at moment we are not sure what it is. Midwives told us it just an immature digestive system in the first weeks. Health Visitor seems much more sympathetic although she hasn't seem to out rule an allergy yet she has said it could be colic. The only problem is Lily-Rose isn't a cry baby. She is a very strong and brave character from day one and even in the pain and discomfort she shows she doesn't cry and the health visitor had seen this. To be fair the only time she does really cry is at night while she waits for her feed which could make diagnose difficult as everyone I speak to about this mentions about constant crying. Lily-Rose however, craves to be held as this seems to soothe her discomfort being in the position with her legs and knees up to her stomach on our chests.

A friend has mentioned about going to an Osteopath who can treat babies with a load of different conditions including colic, immature digestive systems and allergies. So I am thinking of taking her this week to see if this can help.

The relief comes in the form of knowing how many of my friends have been in similar situations, and have tried to give me some advice or at least some peace of mind knowing I am not alone. I just wish we knew exactly what is wrong and to help her.