Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Vanish Carpet Cleaner, Shake and Clean


 I was a bit dubious about this product on our carpets. Our carpets we didn't choose when we brought our flat, new build from the developers and it is a rather cheap performing carpet.
After a year of use, the carpet pile in the most trafficed area had gone completely flat and the colour is different shade of cream too. It has hold stains pretty well and nothing I used has done anything to improve the condition of the carpet or removed stains.

I saw this product on the advert, like you do most products and had said to my partner about maybe trying this, as you do with anything new you see advertised ( or well at least I do ). Both of us were very unsure about whether this would work on our carpet.

Anyways, with my pregnant body and mind gone into cleaning mode, I thought I give it whirl.

The product does smell strong but really gives the room a nice clean smell.  I used only have a bag on our carpet ( we only have carpet in our bedroom ).  I followed the instructions and left after shaking for probably just over 20 mins, than vacuumed up. Now my vacuum has been playing up at late and the suctioned isn't very good ( in fact in packed in this morning so a new one is on the way ). Even so, I had noticed a difference in our carpet regards to the colour and the pile being slightly lifted up. Some stains had been removed but I think the type of carpet we have some of the stains on their well never get out.

I was even more suprised my partner had noticed a difference when he came in as well!  and we have both agreed that we think we the a better hoover it probably would have done a better job.

I will be doing it again as I have a good 1/2 bag left with the new hoover when it arrives to see better results.

Definitely recommend using this product. I purchased mine from Tesco retailing at £7 for a 510g bag.

More information on products from Vanish - visit http://www.vanish.co.uk/products