Friday, 28 June 2013

The joys of pregnancy

Well I am on my last stretch now, 37 weeks today :-)  and starting to really feel it now. I don't remember feeling this heavy and achy.  However, I am still very pleased we have got this far this time and full of excitement to meet our new addition soon and for our first LO to finally have a sibling.

My start of my pregnancy was like a rollercoster, having had my first daughter 5 years ago, we have struggled to have another suffering 3 miscarriage's in the last 2 1/2 years. So as you can imagine, when I feel pregnant for the 5th time how nervous and anxious I was right up to my 20 week scan. It didn't help that at 9 weeks I had my first car crash, which was a very stressful period especially as this happened a few days before Christmas and I work in retail too. I won't go into details about it as still makes me angry and I refuse to even drive near where it happened.

It also doesn't help that I suffer from Bi-Polar, a form of depression which seems to run in our family ( my dads side, with my dad also having it ). From a teenager I have suffered with this, although it wasn't till my mid 20's that I got proper diagnosed with it after an event that nearly got my sectioned. And although I have been able to cope with it since coming of meds a good 6 years ago, my last miscarriage brought it all up to the surface and causing it flutter in and out in this pregnancy.

But not all is gloom, my excitement, support from my partner and the excitement from our little girl has really helped me though the middle parts. It has certainly helped that I have been reassured all is okay by the baby's movements ( my god she is a wriggler at times lol ).

The pregnancy has also been so different from my first in other ways too. I had more morning/all day sickness in this pregnancy.  Oh and my, those braxton hicks! again I never experienced them in my first but this time I have and my have I thought as times I was going into early labour.

Than the aches and feeling of heaviness. This last few days, I think she has had a growth spurt as I have suddenly felt so heavy, and my back is starting to feel it too. It probably doesn't help that we are sleeping on a mattress on the floor at moment, as the new bed we ordered had arrived in an awful state and had to be sent back. A week on the floor isn't good for a heavily pregnant lady and probably hasn't helped with these aches and pains. Good thing though, because I am pregnant the company has rushed as another bed on order and instead of waiting another 2 weeks, it is arriving Monday ( hopefully in a very good condition this time! ).

So, yes I am starting to get alittle impatient now.  My first daughter was born at 38 weeks and I hoping this one would come early too, but I am getting the feeling she may not, however, time will tell soon.