Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Baby Lily-Rose has arrived

As you may of guessed due to the quietness of my posts, Lily-Rose made her appearance last week, the day after my last blog post about the end is near, and the end was definitely near.

Tuesday 9th July at around 2.30am I got woken up by a huge kick in the belly and straight away my contractions started with them going at around 1 every 5 mins. By around 3.30 I was at the hospital. Now my first child was a very quick first delivery too and so I expected this one to be quick as well. It was long when I felt the urge to push and by 4.45am Lily-Rose arrived.

It was very strange this time round, just because my first one I was physically sick in the established labour stages and although I had no pain relief I think the sickness knocked it out of me as I remember very little.

However, this time round was even though painful ( but bareable ), I was alert all the way though. Again no pain relief as I am pro-natural birthing. I guess I enjoyed it more due to the fact I was aware of what I was doing instead of being sick, and sickness made me so tired last time.

It was also great that Lily-Rose decided to come out the right way, her elder sister was back to back and had to be smacked to breathe, so again Lily-Rose was alittle more enjoyable as got to hold her straight away.

So it has already been aweek, and my it has gone fast. I can't believe my partner has got to go back to work next Tuesday ( this is the longest time we have spent together for ages due to my type of work, although it has been tough adjusting to spending so much time together and with a new baby, it has been so nice ).

Due to this, I decided to suspend some of reviews I have lined up till he goes back next week and I sure you will all understand I wanted to spend some much needed quality time, especially as I am Bi-Polar with my family instead of work.

It has also given me time to actually test out some of the products I have told you about;
The okiedog changing bags and accessories
Noroclear cleansing travel pack
Bug in a Rug