Wednesday, 3 July 2013

I Partied with Build-A-Bear For my daugther's 5th birthday, I wanted to do something special as we are finally due our 2nd child anytime after her birthday ( Izzy's birthday is the 1st July and baby is due 19th ).

This is her first proper birthday party too and with me being heavily pregnant, I didn't really fancy having too many kids to look after. I also found that hiring a hall, with an entertainer, party food and bags actually cost a lot more and with a new baby on the way I wanted to keep costs low.

So as Izzy had already been to Build-A-Bear before with relatives and has 2 bears, I thought she would love to have a party there.

You can book the party via online or in-store, as I work just across from the store, I did my booking in person. I thought this actually better than booking online as the build-a-bear colleague gave me tips on spendage, especially as I really wanted the girls to have an accessory to go with their bears and booked a mascot. The staff member even booked us in before the store opened, which I wouldn't be able to via online as normally the parties are in opening hours. were available to download from the party section of the website, which was a brilliant idea, as well as Thank You notes. There are a few designs to choose from too.

I did keep to the minimum guests though of 6 ( 7 including the party girl ), but slightly over allocated myself with guests to make sure we had the min, but kept the costs to my ideal price range.

So we had 7 very excited little girls on the day of the party and the store and it's staff members made the birthday party so special for everyone.

The party began with finding out who had been to build-a-bear before and was actually surprised Izzy was the only one. They should the girls which bears they could choose from which went very smoothly.
A waking ceremony was than performed with the all the girls having to wake up their bears by wiggling each part of the teddy. The bears were than named and went though the stuffing process each. Once stuffed each one had to choose a heart to put inside the bears and kiss the heart. Bears were than stitched up.
The staff member than choose some outfits that were in the price range left from the bears and got each guest to chose one for their bear.
A special guest than made an appearance ( which I had booked as an extra @ £20 ),  a big rabbit called Pawlette Coufur®

Oh the girls loved seeing Pawlette, it added that little extra something to the party. Once the bears where each registered with their names and birth certificate, Pawlette than got the girls to do the hockey cokey, which is her favourite game.
A special bear than was given to Izzy for all her guests to sign as a remembrance of her party. A photo with all the guests and Pawlette was also taken and given to Izzy.

Each Guest also received a colouring book with their bears and a £3 voucher.
Party lasted for about an hour and the girls were so behaved and entertained. I would definitely recommend any little girl to have a party at Build-A-Bear. The staff members made it such a wonderful experience for everyone.

For more information on Build-A-Bear or their party's visit