Monday, 8 July 2013

The end is near

Well I really didn't think I get this far in this pregnancy. My first was born on 38weeks, I am now 38weeks+ 4 and on Saturday, I thought my labour was starting as what was probably just braxton hicks were so strong this time. It woke me up with a very achy back and strong period like pains in the front.
 I actually spend a good 45mins in the shower to ease the discomfort. However by the time I had to take Izzy to her swim class at 0930hrs everything seem to have eased off.

So here we are on Monday, after what was such a hot weekend, not that I am going to complain as I love the sun and heat but sleeping in this heat even with the fan is hard at moment. I am feeling so heavy and uncomfortable now. Sleep almost hurts with the pressure from the bump and no matter how I lay, it just awkward.

Oh and we are off the floor now! Our new bed finally arrived :-) it is massive and it so more blissful getting out from it than trying to get up of the floor. I just can't wait to feel the comfort of the bed properly once Lily-Rose arrives.

Trying to keep cool in this weather is hard too. I constantly have the fan on in the flat. We are 2nd floor too, so I guess some of the heat is travelling up from the other floors. And I am trying not to eat too much Ice-cream lol. Poor cats have been feeling it too, especially our Tabitha who is a long haired cat, bless.

Well I am sure it won't  be long now and I have some fab products awaiting to be reviewed for you all. So bare with me.

A reminder of what is to be reviewed once Lily arrives:

okiedog changing bags and accessories
Bug in a Rug - snuggle blanket
Noroclear wipes and spray
Zoggara Leggings ( Hot Pants )