Monday, 24 June 2013

Little Us Dolls *

 OMG these dolls are so cute!

I got a PR release from Tots100 to review a new product launch in the UK called "Little Us".  A brand new range of enchanting dolls for pre-school girls. Each doll and their are 4 of them have their own unique personality.


 Choosing a doll " most like me" gives the your child a delightful story by identifying with one of the dolls. Dressed in pretty outfits to match their personalities, velvety hair and different coloured eyes, the dolls give a real appeal on the toy shelf.  The doll's measure 12" high and made from soft plush material which gives them very huggable appeal and perfect for young children as their first doll. It also gives the dolls a great companion for play or sleep and to encourage creative imaginative role play.

When I gave the doll to my daughter she instantly feel in love with Chole. Although we did not pick a doll to review, funnily enough the doll she received was actually "just like her". We received Chole, who wears a lovely pink dress with ballet pumps. 
Chole loves everything that my daugther loves doing too.

 We received the doll on Friday, which was fab timing for the weekend as my daughter is in the foundation years at school full time in the week. This gave us a good time for her to review the doll over the weekend for me. With instant love for Chole, she actually took it out with her Friday night to dinner for her grandma's birthday. The whole weekend she never let go of her either, involving Chole with everything she did. She even takes her to bed.  Like most girls, my daughter loves Pink, dressing up and into Disney Princess's and Tinkerbell. 

My daughter used to do Ballet too, and loves to dance and sing 
( she is a big fan of " The Voice", Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing on Ice ). My daughter even wanted to take Chole to her swimming lesson!                                                                                  

The doll is very well made and is a fab companion for my daugther who as at present has been an only child   ( we are expecting finally our 2nd very soon ). Instantly role playing with Chole it was lovely too see her have something she could make a little connection too, even though it was though imagination.
I would certainly recommend any of the dolls to any little girl. Price is very reasonable too at just £9.99! and available from retailers like Harrods, Hamleys, and Debenhams.

Little Us dolls are also planning future collections that can have new outfits with themes such " My favourite thing to do" and " My day out". Little Us are made and distributed by Posh Paws International.

For more information on the Little Us dolls and follow their stories and adventures, visit their facebook page LittleUsdolls and on Twitter @Littleusdolls