Friday, 14 June 2013

Angel Sounds Fetal Heart Detector - Review

I know most midwives say not to use these devices, as they can give you false assurance and some of the devices are not that effective and a waste of money.

However, I did do a little research into the different types you can get and found this one had a fair amount of good reviews since it came out not long ago and price wise was middle market.

Angel Sounds have joined up with a medical company called Jumper ( Shenzhen Jumper Medical Equipment Co. Limited ), giving this device a more clearer and accurate result. It also looks very similar to the one they hook up to the machine when your in hospital.

Like all of these devices, the recommend use is from 14-16 weeks to be able to detect the heart beat. I however found my baby's around 12-13 weeks and I have seen similar reviews on the web stating the same for this device. Although please, if you do go and use this advice, don't be dishearten if you have can't find it as early as this, everyone is different and advice should go with the manufacturers recommendation.

Now I brought this because I wanted reassurance everything was fine due to suffering three early miscarriages over the last 2 years. I used it between scans to ease my anxeity as I also suffer from Bi-Polar. I had discussed this with my midwife too, who had advice me to use it purely for this as it was helping me stay calm but not to relay on it too much, and any concerns to go straight to her or the GP.

It was also a great way to get my 4 year old daughter involved with the pregnancy too and she found it great to listen to her siblings heartbeat.

I used it on and off till about 20 weeks when I had my next scan, but after that I haven't felt the need to use it as been feeling the baby kicking which is much more reassuring. I am now at 35 weeks :-)

The device will be able to pick up many sounds in the womb, from your own heartbeat to the placenta. Your heartbeat will sound much slower than the baby's heartbeat and the placenta sounds like a whooshing sound. You may even hear a kick.

The best way to use the device for it to pick up the sounds is to lie down, with the gel on your belly and alittle on the device's transducer. Power the device on first so you don't an unpleasant sound when you put it onto your belly with the volume down. Than when it is placed on the belly start turning the volume up till you can hear noises to your comfortable volume. Take some time to discover what sounds your are hearing so you can them apart. Once you found your baby's heartbeat you have the option to record it as well as the device comes with two CD's. You could also record yours to use to play back to your baby when he/she is born.

Prices differ depending on where you purchase this from. I used Amazon and brought mine for just £19.99 and for me it was worth the money. I would also recommend getting an extra gel with it as the one that comes with is a very small tube.

I would recommend this if you want to involve the family or just give you alittle more reassurance, but like the midwives state, any concerns please go straight to them.

Enjoy :-)