Thursday, 13 June 2013

Welcome to my New Baby and Parenting Blog


This is my new baby and parenting blog. I have been blogging now for 3 years as an established beauty blogger - Beauty Alchemy, but after falling pregnant for the 5th time, although this will be 2nd child, I decided to expand into the Parenting world of blogging too.

This was mainly due to me getting a lot of PR requests as well as me introducing myself to companies to test and review baby/parenting related products, as I didn't want to get my already beauty readers confused or lost by adding baby/parenting related posts, I thought it would be best to create a new blog for this. And here we are.

I have some products already lined up to test and review over the next month or so, some will have to wait until baby arrives ( which could be any day from now till her due date on the 19th July - this was because my 1st was an early baby ). Products marked with an * are products that have been given to me to trial by the said company to write about on my blog.

Products lined up are:

okiedog - two changing bags with 4 accessories *

NoroClear - their travel pack of antibacterial wipes and hand rub *

Baby Rug - Bug in a Rug Swaddle Blanket *

Cheeky Wipes - Reusable cleaning wipes*

Oral B Kids electric tooth brush

My fave bump products