Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The H&A Finding Nemo Soft & Gentle Bubbly Bath Review

As a kid, and as an adult, I loved being in water. Being a competitive swimmer back in the days I spent a lot of time in it. Now I love just love to have a good long shower.

So it is not surprising that both my girl's, Izzy who is 5years and LilyRose who is 7 months are total water babies too. Although you could say it is because they are both July babies and Cancer star signs.

When I found out about the chance to become a tester for H&A's new bath time bubbles, I knew my daughters would love to take part.

Nemo was Izzy favourite film throughout her baby/toddler years, having played it almost everyday, its lucky they invented the BlueRay, otherwise I think the video would have got worn out.  Izzy has also been given several Nemo themed presents too - from a cuddle toy, a Nemo shaped pillow and a flannel to name a few.

So when we got a bottle of Finding Nemo Soft & Gentle Bubbly Bath in the post, Izzy immediately wanted a bath.

Bathtime is another great way of the two sisters - who are 5 years apart to actually play and bond together.

Being a big age gap between them, Izzy finds it hard to play and engage with her little sister and doesn't always understands that she can't play with her toys or do things like she can.  At bathtime, they are able to play together really well from little splashes to passing the aqua balls to each other and also Izzy helping me wash her little sister.

What is great about H&A's Finding Nemo Soft & Gentle Bubbly Bath, is that it has been formulated to care for your child’s delicate skin, is safe for newborns and so gentle it can be used everyday. This is something I look for in a bath product, so that both my girls can enjoy the bath together.

The H&A Nemo bath bubbles are currently available at major supermarkets for around £1.50 per bottle  

Below is a little poem I wrote:

Splish, splosh, splash
Two sisters in the bath
Making bubbles and having a laugh.
Rub a tub dub
H&A are mixing it up
with Nemo and the Ducks
Bathtime bubbles
Makes bedtime less trouble
As our busy day unwinds
It gives our mummy a chance for her "me" time.

You can read more about H&A's new toddler bathtime range on their website here:-