Tuesday, 17 December 2013

HEINZ Breakfast Review

We were given a fab opportunity to test out the new breakfast range by HEINZ.

In the gift pack from Heinz Baby, we got a selection of NEW products from the Heinz breakfast range including:  
·       Very Berry Porridge breakfast pot x 2
·       Banana and Apple Muesli breakfast pot x 2
·       Creamy Oat Porridge breakfast pot x 2
·       Box of Creamy Oats porridge cereal x 1
·       6 cereals breakfast biscotti x 1

As you know from my posts regards to Lily-Rose, she was diagnosed being lactose intolerant, so since 3 weeks old she has been feed solely on soya milk. We started to wean LR from around 17 weeks, as having a older sibling she was really getting interested in eating food we had.  We started on the usual baby rice mixed with her soya milk, then just adding pure fruit to it. I was very keen to try something new but obviously be aware of an reactions as such.

We tried the pots first, beginning with the Banana and Apple Muesli, which she totally loved. The Very Berry Porridge went down well too, even though it says from 6 months the texture is just as smooth as the Banana and Apple.  The pots are smooth in texture and great for the first stage of weaning from 4 months onwards. Heinz promise the pots are locked in with goodness with no added sugar,  no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and contains 1 of the 5 aday and calcium for bones.

 We used the pots at room temperature and as LR was only taking a few mouthfuls at first, the other half of the pot was put in the fridge for the next morning which was served warm which she loved having either way. Since trying these pots we have actually brought more of them as LR loves them and seems to be tolerating them ok, no symptoms have appeared which is great.

I have been working full time since November, so these pots have been great to stick in her changing bag for her childminder to feed her breakfast, or when we are out and about. 

We introduced the breakfast biscotti over the weekend too, only because LR so wanted to eat her big sister's toast. With her constant teething too I think LR liked the texture of the biscuits and as they are soft, LR was able to suck on them and mash them in her month. 

I haven't given too many of these yet as she isn't quite there with the weaning in eating finger food. Although definitely intrigued with the idea of holding the food and eating. Her older sister had something similar to this a few years ago too by Heinz which she loved, so will be introducing the biscotti's again throughout her weaning.

Due to LR lactose intolerant we hadn't tried the Creamy Porridge yet as it contains milk powder. We will be trying this out in the New Year when we start to introduce lactose containing products gradually.

I am continuing using these pots as LR loves them and would recommend any parent to try them for her babies too.  I know my little one is getting all she needs to have a great start to the day with these pots.