Sunday, 23 February 2014

The MADS Blog Award 2014 - Nominations are now open!

There are some of you who are into the social media who would have heard about The MADS blog awards, and those who haven't.

The MADS blog awards celebrate mummy and daddy bloggers who are outstanding in a number of different categories. It's the best way of showing someone you love their blog. Think of your nomination as a virtual, big, squishy hug.
This is the fifth annual Mum and Dad Blog Awards, in association with, are the UK's biggest and most exciting awards for parent blogs. Last year more than 150,000 nominations and votes were received. This year already 30,000 nominations have been made in less than a week of opening. 

This is the first time I, as a mummy blogger can actually be nominated as my other blog ( which is coming up to 4 years of age ) didn't have a category to full under, although it would be great for beauty blogs to be noticed, it hasn't happened yet.

SO I am SUPER and VERY Excited that my new parenting blog which I started last June ( 2013 ) can actually take part this year. I would LOVE you all to nominate my blog and show your love for my ramblings.You've got until March 14th to nominate over on the MAD Blog Awards website.

The categories I would love to be nominated for are:
Best Baby Blog award
Best New Blog

How does it work?

Stage 1- Nominations: Nominations are open, you can nominate blogs in up to 15 different categories and you can nominate a blog in more than one category.
Stage 2 - Voting: Four blogs from each category with the highest nominations and one further blog from each category chosen by the judging panel will make the finals, then voting opens.
Stage 3 - Results: The results of The MAD Blog Awards will be given at a gala awards ceremony in London in September 2014.

If you love my blog, please vote me.
Thank you From Rachel, Lily-Rose and Isabel :-) xxxxx