Sunday, 23 February 2014

tommee tippee, Slient Launch of their New closer to nature Soothers ( PR Event )

We got asked if would like to attend a silent launch of the new tommee tippee, closer to nature range of soothers and we would be able to attend The BabyShow as well.

I was very excited as this was my first PR event I would be attending, and was thinking about going to this year Babyshow after having my 2nd little girl last July.

Our first never took to soothers, and 5 years ago, soothers were still frowned among. It is amazing how much has actually changed in the 5 years, as soothers are now favoured by midwives and medical professionals as it is thought to help aid sleep and reduce cot death.

Despite this, we actually had used soothers this time round with Lily-Rose being what I call a "sucky" baby who likes to suck. Soothers helped with this, especially when it came to her naps and sleeping in the first few months.

The launch was silent and small,  but it didn't need to a big shout all about it, huge presentation. Soothers have been around for decades and although the teat has slightly changed again from the old closer to nature soothers they have replaced. The focus was more about how experience of shopping for soothers was going to be easier.

In their research of mum's shopping experience for soothers, tommee tippee had found mums were struggling to find what they were looking for. this resulted in 1 in 3 mums just buying on impulse.
They also found that a baby's acceptance to soothers were trial and error, resulting in multiple purchases before finding one the baby likes.

The new tommee tippee closer to nature range of soothers have been designed to create a great in-store shopping experience for parents and optimise baby acceptance meaning less time and effort spent on choosing different soothers for the baby to try.

Available from February, the 4 new range of soothers are; Fun, Anytime, Night Time and Air. They feature a new large, long, flat teat ( just like a bottle teat ) that holds easier in a baby's month, which in their tests were accepted first time by more babies ( 68% of babies accepted the new style soother first time, compared to just 43% for the older style closer to nature design - in an independent product trial conducted in the UK by Swift research, Feb'13 ).

I was very impressed with the new packaging. As a mum and someone who has worked in retail as well, the new packaging is definitely more visual and bolder, making it easier and quicker to choose compared to the older packaging.

Old Style
New Style

Below is the difference between the old style teats and the new style teat. The middle picture shows the size difference ( old style in on top, the new style is below ).

New Style

Old Style

A demonstration of a free standing display with some of the New style soothers on.

As you can see, the packaging is much more brighter and bolder, thus easier to see than the older grey style packaging.

 Here are some of the new style soothers taken from the event.
The tommee tippee closer to nature new soother range is available now nationwide in Tesco, Mothercare and Asda rrp £4.79 for a twin pack. More information on the entire range can be found at