Thursday, 10 October 2013

The Big Christmas Wishlist


With having two kids now, two girls aged 3 months ( July 2013 ) and  5 years ( July 2008 ), I thought it would be great for us to enter a competition to become a toy tester. We haven't tested toys before and so this would be a wonderful opportuinty for the girls and I to do. 

So I have entered into
Win up to 300 pound in Toys for under the Christmas Tree
and become the 1 of the first 5 selected Toy Toad Testers for 2014 

As mum I am very keen on chosing products that are as natural and eithical as possible. When it comes to toys I choose products that are built well and to last, but are also safe. I look for toys that will help my children to build skills, gives them creativity and use imagination.
 I find bright, colourful objects captures their attention and different textures stimulate them.

Our list includes my wishes for my youngest and wishes that my eldest has chosen, as well as ones I feel would be great for them.
Dear Father Christmas,
We would love to become ToadStools 2014 toy tester's. My sister and I love playing and trying out new things and telling our friends about them. We have been very good, and promise to share our experiences though mummy's blog and you tube videos. As always we will leave you a drink and mince pie and carrots for your raindeers.

Make a video of your own at Animoto.
With Lots of Love
Isabel and Lily-Rose

My first wish is for Lily-Rose ( my youngest ). I chosen this due to its name Lilliputiens Rose ( obvioulsy as my daughters name is Lily-Rose ). I was also atrracted to how beauitful the play mat is and with lily-rose having trouble with enjoying "tummy time " at the moment due to her neck condition and problems with her digestive system, I thought this wonderful colourful playmat to help her. As she is also starting to sit up on her own it be a fab mat for her to play whislt sitting as well.
 Each patel has something different for her to explore and stimulating her sense's. As it is open plan, it also means my eldest can play with her.
Lilliputiens rose play mat
 My second wish is for our eldest, Isabel. She loves puzzles and loves the challenge of doing them. I have chosen this particular one as it will help her learn about the world whilst having the challenge to complete the puzzle. Janod Childrens Blue Planet Puzzle.
janod hat boxed double sided jigsaw - world with animals
Gigamix Wooden Game - Katamino 

Gigamix Katamino Wooden Board Game is my own chosen wish for our eldest. I love tetris and this game instantly drew me in. The game involves her thinking how the shapes fit in together. Not only will it help build her concentration which she tends to have a problem with but give her the stimulaton of problem solving which she loves to do.
I can see us a family using this as well as it looks so fun.
 I posted the video here to show you how it works. I love it and can see us using it a lot for hours of fun.

  Tom the tiger cuddle puppet by Lilliputiens is my 2nd choice for lily-rose. Lily-rose just like any other baby is very inquestive. I love that she can play peek-a-boo with the tiger and what looks like a dog, whilst exploreing patterns, textures and shapes.
The block is beautifully coloured and looks really interesting with the different patterns. I know she will love exploring her self in the mirror too.
Tom the tiger cuddle puppet by Lilliputiens.
Tom the tiger activity cube - mirror

Tom the tiger popping out of his cube
This wish is for both my children as I thought this would be a great way of them being able to play with each other. Isabel can teach lily-rose the story whilst acting it out. Lily-rose can explore the different textures too as well as enjoy storytime with her big sister.
lilliputiens wolf and 3 little pigs
Isabel has wished for the Marionette Fairy Puppet. Using the puppets strings, Isabel would enjoy making the fairy dance around just like she does. It be a great enterainer for lily-rose to watching her sister using the puppet and even making up stories/performances with the puppet for her.

  Isabel also chose the Haba's Little Orchard Game.  We don't have a garden as we live in a flat as she loves flowers and trees, so this game instantly brought her attention. The game sounds fun, collecting cherries before the crow does. It will feel like we have brought the outdoors, indoors.

 I loved the look of this teething ring. Its different from the usual plastic, just shapes and colour teething rings you get. As a second time parent, I remember how teething can be horrible, and having a lullaby attached to the teething ring sounds like a fab idea to help soothe, whilst the different textures will keep lily-rose distracted as well.
lilliputiens liz musical balloon

My wish for both the children to share is the Liliputiens Liz and The Ladybird Growth Chart. Not only will it look fab in the girls bedroom which as I am sure most girls bedrooms are, is a soft bubble gum pink, with delicate butterflies placed around the room. It be a fun way to watch both our children grow. With three detchable markers, it means we can watch both children grow at the same time.
lilliputiens liz growth chart 

Finally the last wish is for all of us.  We don't have many games we can play with as a family and I love the concept  of Rory's Story Cubes. Bringing the whole family together to get our imagination and creavity going and telling our own stories.

Rory's Story Cubes original
Haba Little orchard game