Monday, 28 October 2013

Pampers New Baby Sensitive Challenge!

I entered myself and Lily-Rose into the Pampers New Baby Sensitive Challenge. I was very excited and pleased when we found out we had been chosen.

As you know from my posts about Lily-Rose has a few issues to cope with. Having being diagnosed with Lactose Intolerant, and also torticollis which then gave her Plagiocephaly ( flat head syndrome ).
Lily-Rose was born with Torticollis ( tightness in the right neck and twisted)

All these have caused her some discomfort from day one and with the thought of giving her nappies that are designed to give extra protection and comfort I jumped at the chance to give these a go.

Pampers New Baby Sensitive combine both dryness and softness and contain upto  50% more skin-care ingredients* and a touch of aloe. While New Baby Sensitive nappies are clinically tested to be mild on newborns skin, the super soft fabric offers an all around softness and creates a comfortable and snug feeling.

I now wished we had knew about these when she was born. The difference between the normal New Baby and the Sensitive range is a lot for a baby and I could definitely see and feel the difference myself.
The sensitive ones as I described to my partner and friends felt "fluffy" and super soft compared to the normal ones that felt ridged and tougher. It felt like wrapping her up in a "fresh fluffy white towel".
Sensitive on the Left, Normal on the Left ( with Birdie )
Sensitive on left, Normal on right ( with yellow tabs )
 The difference was also noted on Lily-Rose's thigh, hips/waist and tummy as they didn't cause red marks like the normal range did, especially as Lily-Rose has lovely chubby thighs. Her bum feels a lot smoother too, and although she hasn't had nappy rash ( due to properly the fact we have been testing out the Bepanthen and Sudacream as a challenge too ), at a guess I would think it would help with minimising them getting nappy rash too.

Enjoying the Jumproo
Lily-Rose is getting much more active now too, having not enjoyed tummy time for several reasons due to neck problems but knowing she is protected more with these sensitive nappies ensures me she is happy on the outside too.

Lily-Rose with her favorite toys
Lily-Rose loves playing her Jumproo, just like her older sister did, I just hope pampers decide to extend their sensitive range a little further to size 3 in the future.

I have really loved using these nappies, definitely prefered them over the normal New Baby, although they seem a little shorter, as you can see from the photos.

For any new mum whether first time or multi, I would definitely recommend giving these a try. 
I was given a months supply, but after two weeks of using them, Lily-Rose has started to grow out of the size 2 and so would be happy to giveaway the rest for a couple of mums to try.

If you would love to try a pack ( I will defintely have two to give away, possible three, so one for each person in Size 2) then drop a comment below with your email, I will then do an old fashion draw with your names in a hat and get my 5 year old to pick the winners out ( I will also video this so you all know it was fair )

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