Monday, 16 September 2013

Its like talking to a brick wall!

Why is it that kids just do not listen to you?

The amount of times we have spoken about the same thing to our eldest over the last few months is unbelievable. Whether it is about eating her lunch at school, her behaviour at home, the list is growing longer.

We don't shout at her. We sit and have a conversation, but it seems that she just sits and switches off as when it comes to ask her what we have said, the answer is " I don't know" or she has just heard parts of it, or what she wants to hear. It's like talking to a brick wall!

To be honest, it is really getting to us now. Consistently battling with her is quite tiresome. Yet I look at other kids, and to be fair, she isn't that bad compared to others. But what do you do?

For 5 years she has had us and her grandparents to herself. Probably been spoilt too much, especially when we were struggling to have another with 3 miscarriages before our new addition arrived this July, just 9 days after our eldest birthday. So is this the problem?  Has she been spoilt too much, is she feeling left out?

We have tried everything we can think of, to help. We have set rewards for good behaviour, we have taken things away if bad. We done loads of talking to try and get to the root of things but nothing is working.

We involve her loads in helping with little sister, feeding, bathing etc and there is no doubt how much she loves her little sister. We ask her what she would like in her lunch box, but nothing seems to get her to learn and change her behaviour.

Is this typical of an older sibling? I would so love to hear from other mums and dads, and how you tackled this situation.
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