Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Graco Sky Travel System and the Ford Fiesta

Ok so I thought I do my next post on the Graco Sky on taking it out in the car and using the car seat.

We have a Ford Fiesta, in terms of boot space it didn't have much difference from our previous BMW 316 strangely enough. I was very intriged to see how the Sky would fit in our car, as with our other buggy we have to remove the rear wheels of the frame in order to fit it in.

The Sky is pretty much the same, taking up almost the same amount of space, however it will fit without taking any of the wheels of, if placed in a certain way. See picture below

 As we are using the car seat to use with the Sky frame when about, as L-R is just 11 weeks old, I am not too certian about how the chair side of the pushchair will fit in the boot as well as the frame. We had a brief look at it and seemed we would have trouble. I will however, up date you on this when we come to using it when L-R gets older.

Using the Sky as a travel system, definitely makes things so much easier when you have a newborn and older child ( even if you have just your newborn too ). The frame is so easy to fold and unfold, with almost both actions using just one hand!
Car Seat with the Base for the Sky Frame
The car seat easily clicks into the frame with just a click, by using the car seat base ( for the frame only ). The car seat frame can be left on the frame as the car seat lifts off just the same way as lifing it off from the car seat base in the car.

We tried using the old fashion way of securing the car seat in the car by just using the seat belts, but both me and my partner didn't feel it was that secure.  That is not saying it isn't but we are used to using a car seat base with our other car seat. So we got the base to go with the car seat and it does make a difference.
It felt more solid and secure using the base, but again that is just our opinion and preference.

Using the car seat base also makes life a lot easier, as it simply just clicks in, and the lifts out when lifting up the lever at the back of the car seat. So if it raining, or you got other children you haven't got to spend time striping the car seat to the car using the seat belts.

I have made a video in how to install the car seat base, and using the car seat as a travel system. Please note it very important to insure the car seat base is fully ridged and secured by the seat belts, that your knee is pressed down on the car seat base to apply pressure so you can really tighten up the seat belts. Get your partner to do this is necessary.