Sunday, 27 September 2015

I feel like I have no "me" time anymore.

As you my know, my youngest daughter was born with a few minor issues. With suffering from a immature digestive system that gave her lactose intolerance but also Wryneck syndrome causing her to have a FHS.

I also had to go back to work when she was just 4 months old. My previous posts showed the improvements she had made so rapidly. However, I feel I need to apologise to my readers as  the lack of time I actually have to myself to even write these days is very hard and so my updates have got lost in time.

 My youngest, who is now 2 is still very clingy and suffers from anxiety separation from me when I am home. This makes bed time very hard as she won't leave me side. I feel its my fault that she is so clingy at times, because I am so protective of her and feel guilty I had to leave her with other people at such a young age.

It makes me sad, that I feel all these emotions and it can really wind me up. But for now, I should try and enjoy the time I do have with her when I am home from work (PS I work full time as counter/store manager).

I will write when I can and I hope you will understand, that I can't be a full time blogger, work full time and enjoy the time I do have with my kids. My mission when I started this blog of the backside of my beauty blog was to raise awareness to her conditions, and I wanted to share my journey of  my children, write reviews on their products and just purely write for the love. This is still my mission for this blog, I write for the love, not for rewards.

With Love

Rachel and Family x